Simple Ruby Gem for pushing builds (iOS or Android) to App47 for App Store distribution
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#Build 47 ###Super simple command line utility to upload builds to App47.


build_47 is a simple command line tool that allows you to easily post builds (iOS .ipa's or Android .apk's) to App47 for distribution.

Note, this utility only posts builds; nevertheless, the App47 API supports a slew of other options, such as creating users, devices, groups, etc. Please see our wiki for more details.

Internally, this Gem uses Ruby's nifty REST Client.


gem install build_47


After you install the gem, you'll have a nifty command line utility dubbed build_47 in your path.

Minimal arguments required:

build_47 -t your_account_token -a app_id  -f path_to_build 

You can find your account token in your App47 account -- go to the Profile link and then click the API option to find it.

Optional arguments are -e environment (i.e. Production or Test), -p platform (i.e. iOS or Android) and -r release_notes

Other Resources

For documentation regarding the App47 API, please see our wiki. Also, check out our Github account for various other projects such as Enchilada, which is a simple library for importing users into the App47 system via an Excel spreadsheet and our API Examples for some examples of using our API (in Ruby).