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2015-05-18 Michael Johnson <>
* Version 0.6.3
* Updated PLCrashReporter to latest version, compatible with Xcode 6.3.
* Compiler settings and tweaks to compile properly with Xcode 6.3.1 and the iOS 8.3 SDK
* No changes
2014-09-16 Michael Johnson <>
* Version 0.6.2
* Fixed conflict with NSOperation base class properties (
* Compiler settings and tweaks to compile properly with Xcode 6 and the iOS 8.0 SDK
* No changes
2014-05-28 James Daniels <>
* No changes
* Version 0.9.7
* Added GSF ID as an HTTP header
* Added SDK version headers for auditing
2014-02-08 Andrew Tremblay <>
* Version 0.6.1
* Added PLCF_RELEASE_BUILD=1 to the build flags. Consider migrating PLCrashReporter even further in the future.
* No changes
2014-02-08 Andrew Tremblay <>
* Version 0.6.0
* Added support for 64-bit devices
* Updated PLCrashReporter source to latest release (v1.2-rc2)
* No changes
2013-06-19 Andrew Tremblay <>
* Version 0.5.0 (plus we added the version to the comments in AppBlade.h)
* Migrating core framework to ARC, PLCrashreporter remains ARC-free
* Updating Build target to iOS 5.0 (from iOS 4.3)
2013-04-01 Andrew Tremblay <>
* Anonymous update call improved. The apk to replace is stored externally and is linked to DownloadManager if available. The externally stored apk is removed on first launch after successful installation.
AppBlade.checkForUpdates(Activity activity)
AppBlade.checkForUpdates(Activity activity, boolean promptForDownload)
AppBlade.checkForUpdatesIgnoreTimeout(Activity activity, boolean promptForDownload)
* Added an optional flag for excluding screenshot in the case where one is not desired.
- (void)showFeedbackDialogue:(BOOL)withScreenshot;
- (void)showFeedbackDialogue is now treated as - (void)showFeedbackDialogue:YES
* Added an optional flag for excluding the built in update check with the authentication call
- (void)checkApprovalWithUpdatePrompt:(BOOL)shouldPrompt;
2013-03-14 Andrew Tremblay <>
* Was -(void)setCustomParam:(id)newObject withValue:(NSString*)key;
* Now -(void)setCustomParam:(NSString *)key withValue:(id)value;
2013-03-13 Andrew Tremblay <>
Added Anonymous Update call. This call sends anonymous information on the current build to AppBlade and checks if there is a newer version available. See documentation/wiki for a walkthrough.
* AppBlade.checkForUpdates(Activity activity); in Android
* [[AppBlade sharedManager] checkForUpdates]; in iOS
Additional headers added to both Android and iOS sdks.
* Android now sends a hash of AndroidManifest.xml to better identify it among uploaded versions for anonymous updating.
* iOS sends a hash of its info.plist for version identification.
Added alternate (i.e. better) session logging implementation for Android. You can now attach session logging as a Service, which tracks the opening and closing of an app more intuitively. It's a bit harder to set up, so it's not the officially suggested method to track sessions. See com.appblade.framework.stats.AppBladeSessionLoggingService in the source code.
2012-12-03 Andrew Tremblay <>
Updated iOS Source to be compatible with objective-C++ compilers (app delegates with the .mm suffix were throwing errors when importing AppBlade.h)
* Appblade.h : UIKIT_EXTERN replaces static in the offensive variables so the compiler knows how to handle them.
* Appblade.m : removed `static` in the declarations.
2012-11-29 Andrew Tremblay <>
Began a Changelog. Any large changes that require explanation can be placed here.
* CHANGELOG.txt: File Added