Free Sketch library template files to use with AppChef
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Free Sketch Library Template and Font Files

sketch-library-templates directory contains Sketch library symbol files

  • React Native Elements Library v1.sketch
  • Font Awesome Icon Library v1.sketch
  • Material Icon Icon Library v1.sketch

macos-system-icons directory contains system font files for Mac OS.

Install the following if you encounter ? symbols instead of the proper icon symbols inside Sketch:

  • Font Awesome Font bundle for Mac OS (FontAwesome.otf)
  • Ion Icons Font bundle for Mac OS (ionicons.ttf)
  • Material Designs Font bundle for Mac OS (materials.ttf)

as described in this article: FREE Sketch Icon Library Resource For Material Icons and FontAwesome

In addition, we have the following templates available for download to users who have signed up for the free account on our website at:

  • React Native Elements Template Library
  • AirBnB UI Demo Template (AirBnb-Like App UI Demo)