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Pega Bots

Social networks profiles bot-like analyzer.

Content modelling


  • profile username
  • social network link
  • avatar
  • Language dependent tests
    • content
      • value
    • sentiment
      • value
  • Language independent tests
    • friend
    • temporal
    • network
    • user
  • bot probability
    • all features
    • language independent
  • share link on social network
  • user profile language
  • feedback report link

Bot Statistics

  • number
  • description


This part of the project uses the following technologies, frameworks and conventions:

To run it locally, you need to install:

Then you can run npm install or yarn, to install the dependencies, and then npm run dev, which will start and hugo server on multilingual mode.


To run npm run build will deploy every site version to the ./public folder under a language coded directory.

Pushs to the develop branch trigger the deploy on develop and tests environment. To deploy on production, the merge commit on master needs to have a version tag. The process can be done using npm version CLI command.

Translation instructions

Files which need to be edited or added:

  • strings file inside folder ./i18n named as the language code;
  • markdown content files on folder ./content, suffixed with the language code;
  • languages map on config.yaml being named with the language code;

Logotypes can be added to the _header.scss file, using the language prefix inside the [role='banner'] a rule:

	[lang='es-mx'] & {
		background-image: image('logotype--mx--150w.png');
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