Todomvc written in full-stack Kotlin
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TodoMVC Kotlin

This project is an implementation of TodoMVC (without the routing parts). Its only purpose is to show you how to get started with Kotlin on the frontend and it is not intended to be an absolute source of truth.


  • You will need Java to be installed on your computer
  • clone the project: git clone
  • cd to the directory: cd todomvc-kotlin/
  • build the project: ./gradlew clean build
  • run it: java -jar build/libs/todomvc-kotlin-2017.1.0.jar
  • navigate to: http://localhost:9090/

That's all!


  • This project contains no solutions for hot code swap and things like that but they are definitely possible
  • If you spot a bug please report it on our issue tracker here
  • The commits in this project are organized in a way that you can see the progress of the implementation as quasi-atomic steps so if you step through them you can learn a lot more about how Kotlin on the frontend works