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This repository originated as feature/bug tracking of the existing Windows Phone 8 app. With the release of Windows 10, we decided to bring our app to Windows 10 and open-source the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) version of Kliva.

If you're visiting our repository while watching the Build 2016 session, please check out the Alcatraz branch to see what the team implemented. Note some shortcuts are taken for demo purposes.


Kliva ( Swedish for to climb / to strive )

Tracking your own progress is something any sports performer likes to do! But comparing them agains friends and foes is even more fun...

Thanks to Kliva, you'll now be able to get a detailed overview of all your sport endevaours and the data that goes with it. Follow up on what your friends achieved and take a look at the location where it happened, maybe you can best their effort next time?


Strava has changed it APIs over time, limiting the functionality for 3rd party apps. Currently everything except for your own personal data (activities, photos) is no longer available. Since Strava and Kliva are both focused on the social aspect of sport, we're sad to announce that we're pulling the plug as we're not able to deliver to our promise due to Strava's API changes. Kliva is unpublished from the Store and no further updates will be made on this repository.