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// BrickExample.swift
// AppDeveloperKit-Library
// Created by Scott Carter on 11/21/17.
import UIKit
import AppDeveloperKit
// An example of subclassing a Library component (BrickBaseViewController) in order to provide a custom
// configuration. Why might you do this?
// You may wish to use a Library component for different screens, but customize the appearance of
// each of the screens.
class BrickExample: BrickBaseViewController {
// Can call adk_deinitBrickExample() from overriden func adk_deinit() or alternatively from
// deinit. Could also safely call adk_deinitBrickExample() from both places, though only the first
// call has any effect.
deinit {
// adk_deinitBrickExample()
override func adk_deinit() {
override func adk_init() {
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