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Small, fast & simple JavaScript mapping and geo API as a jQuery plugin
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== ABOUT ==

After years of internal development, we are pleased to bring our JavaScript map control to the open-source world in the form of a jQuery plugin.

== DOCS ==

Documentation is hosted at


=== Version alpha2 ===
* geomap - Support dynamic map services
* geomap - [BUG] geomap causes a script error if jQuery UI is already included
* docs - Document shape methods
* geomap - [BUG] Port of soft double-click does not work
* geomap - [BUG] Cannot see dev-supplied inner content if not set to rel/abs position
* geomap - Add mobile test page
* geographics - Port graphic code from internal control
* geomap - Implement append method
* geographics - drawArc should use style's width and height and only take center as an argument
* geomap - Document and implement the public refresh method
* geomap - Implement shapeStyle method
* geographics - Draw points as rounded rectangles via width, height & borderRadius properties on shapeStyle, drop oval functionality
* geomap - Remove the pixels property from position events and add the type property to make the event argument a true GeoJSON Point
* proj - support up to four dimentional array to convert MultiPolygon coordinates in one shot
* proj - add functions to convert individual positions that developers can re-implement for their own projection
* geomap - implement remove method
* geomap - implement find method
* geomap - [bug] toPixel should round pixel values
* geomap - [bug] GeometryCollection shapes do not draw with their parent shape's style
* geomap - implement empty method

=== Version alpha1 (2011-05-09) ===
* docs - Document a new interface to our internal map control
* geomap - Port interactive map widget base to jQuery UI widget factory
* geomap - Support tiled map services
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