request : default tab ordering : allow default tab configuration #73

drewrothstein opened this Issue Feb 23, 2014 · 2 comments

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Currently, your first tab that you define in steroids.config.tabBar.tabs is loaded by default. It would be preferred if you could define a default tab to load. The default could still be the first tab for folks who don't set it and don't care.

I added a default param. but I don't see where this code is used to display them. Maybe there is a backend component that you don't publish?


Happy to submit a PR if you do publish the other piece and can point me in the right direction.


AppGyver member

Thanks for the Steroids CLI code! However, this would require an update to the closed-source native runtime of the AppGyver Scanner app, so it goes in the feature request list for now.

However, Scanner v3.1.3 for iOS will include support for programmatically changing the active tab, so you will be able to achieve this by just calling the appropriate function when your app inits for the first time.


Loving steroids.tabBar.selectTab, thanks!

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