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steroids.logger.log sometimes loses log events #765

pre opened this Issue Jan 19, 2015 · 7 comments


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pre commented Jan 19, 2015

Workaround: tail -f log/steroids.log

Log events seem only be missing from the Connect Screen (in the browser).


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benadamstyles commented Jan 19, 2015

Seems to be that this happens when called from the .then() method of a Promise. Could this be feasible? I could easily be wrong though, and I don't think it happens all the time even in this circumstance. I'll report back if I find out more.


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pre commented Feb 13, 2015

From forums:

It seems that if you abstract the call to logger.log and wrap it over a setTimeout then the log messages will always arrive. Ie.

    supersonic.logger.log('y hellow' );

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terwey commented Feb 14, 2015

I'm also experiencing this issue. I am unable to log at all unless using the setTimeout() trick.


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battmanz commented Feb 24, 2015

I tried the setTimeout trick and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Even when it does work, I do not see the log on the connect screen. I can only see it if I open up the steroids.log file. I'm on Windows 8, by the way.


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benadamstyles commented Feb 25, 2015

Yep same here. I've pretty much stopped using it altogether, which is unfortunate as alerts are less than ideal!


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pre commented Feb 25, 2015

Just to clarify: Can you see the missing lines in steroids.log? Ie. are the log lines missing only from the Connect Screen (in browser) or also from the log file?

As a workaround, you can use tail -f log/steroids.log -- afaik, the log events are only missing in the browser. Please report here if that's not true.


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RPieter commented Jan 24, 2016

From what I can see, they're not in the steroids.log-file.

My testcase:

  .controller("TestController", function ($scope, supersonic) {
    $scope.detectedPlatform = 'detecting...';
    $scope.start = function () {
        supersonic.logger.debug('start license check');
        supersonic.device.platform().then(function (platform) {
                "Name: " + + "\n" +
                "Version: " + platform.version + "\n" +
                "Model: " + platform.model
            $scope.detectedPlatform =;

The first debug-line start license check is NOT logged (not in file, nor in connect-screen), the second line (device-info) IS shown.

So it looks like a timing-issue.
However, the setTimeout workaround doesn't help in this case...

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