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AppHub Starter Project

This is an example project which uses AppHub to instantly push updates to users. For more information on AppHub and its features, visit the website and the docs.

In this project, we prompt the user with a UIAlertView when an update becomes available. The user can choose to "Update" the app instantly, or press "Cancel", in which case the app will be updated upon restart.

All AppHub specific code can be found in AppDelegate.m.

Getting Started

To get started, clone or fork this repo and run:

npm install

in the root directory.

Then, open iOS/AppHubStarterProject.xcodeproj and set your Application ID as specified from the AppHub dashboard:

[AppHub setApplicationID:@"APPLICATION ID"];

Once you have set the Application ID, hit run in Xcode.

Take a look at the options inside the sourceURLForBridge: method of AppDelegate.m. You should use "Option 1" while developing, and switch to "Option 2" when deploying to beta and production users.

Creating AppHub Builds

To update your app, use the AppHub CLI to build a .zip of your app. You can then use the AppHub Dashboard or REST API to upload the build.