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Welcome to the AppImage documentation

Willkommen • Welcome • 欢迎 • Bienvenue • Benvenuto • Bienvenido • ようこそ • Mabuhay • Välkommen • أهلا وسهلا • Добро пожаловать • Merhaba • Bonvenon • 歡迎光臨

In this documentation, all aspects of the AppImage project shall be explained, to have a single unified source of information.


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   **This document is currently work in progress.** `Contributions welcome! <>`_

If you are new to AppImage, please read the introduction. It describes the ideas behind AppImage, shows the motivation, explains why you as a user and/or developer should be interested in AppImages. Also, it explains the core concepts of AppImage's design.

To learn more about using AppImages, please read the User Guide. If you are interested in building and distributing AppImages or building software that works with AppImages, please check the Packaging Guide.

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