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Self-hosted TODO list webapp.
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Minimal TODO list web app:

  • Web based.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Self-hosted & FLOSS.
  • Allows multiple people to update a list.
  • Mobile friendly - "Add to Home Screen" webapp.
  • Simple text based format for easy editing (see below).

Surprisingly, I could not find software meeting these criteria.

Hosted Install

Get a fully hosted todoMini.

Self-hosted Install

  • Download a release or git clone the gh-pages branch.
  • Copy the files to your PHP web hosting.

Note: ensure that the data/ directory and files therein are writable by the user/group running PHP.

If you use todoMini, please give it a 'like' on


To require authentication, first create a password file:

htpasswd -c /path/to/.htpasswd username

Then copy ./example.htaccess to .htaccess and edit it.


If you have multiple users, clone the directory for each user and create a unique htaccess login for each.

To create a shared list, symlink one of the TODO list files into each user's data directory.

Textfile format

The TODO lists use standard Markdown format:

 * [x] This is my first completed item.
 * [ ] Another uncompleted item.
 * [ ] Something else.


Copyright Chris McCormick, 2016. GPLv3 licensed.

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