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ChartView made in SwiftUI
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Swift package for displaying charts effortlessly.

SwiftUI Charts

It supports currently:

  • barcharts
  • piecharts


It requires iOS 13 and xCode 11!

In xCode got to File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency and paste inthe repo's url:


import the package in the file you would like to use it: import SwiftUICharts

You can display a Chart by adding a chart view to your parent view:


ChartView(data: [8,23,54,32,12,37,7,23,43], title: "Barchart")


PieChartView(data:[43,56,78,34], title: "Piechart")

You can optionally configure:

  • legend
  • background color
  • accent color
  • size format

Size format (only for bar charts yet!)

Chart forms

Can be

  • small
  • medium
  • large
ChartView(data: [12,17,24,33,23,56], title: "Chart two", form: Form.small)

Customizing color:

I added color constants, so you can predefine your color palette. To do so, you can find Colors struct in the ChartColors swift file.

ChartView(data: [12,17,24,33,23,56], title: "Chart two", backgroundColor:Colors.color3 , accentColor:Colors.color3Accent)
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