@tmarballi tmarballi released this Oct 18, 2017 · 1073 commits to master since this release

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Highlights of features/bugs in this release:

  • Upgraded Appscale images to Xenial
  • Introduced ability to deploy and manage multiple services
  • Improved celery worker performance by using eventlet pool
  • Reduced the number of dashboards running for smaller deployment
  • Added capability to store version details in Zookeeper
  • Upgraded Cassandra to 3.11
  • Improved various autoscaling policies
  • Reduced verbosity of logs to improve readability
  • Fixed a bug which left behind old celery producer connections
  • Moved Hermes configurations to Zookeeper
  • Added support for UpdateQueues API
  • Allowed external access to Hermes
  • Allowed use of separate HAProxy for appservers and services
  • Handled graceful instance termination with the AppManager
  • Handled graceful stop of Taskqueue servers
  • Added some monit interface improvements
  • Fixed a bug which allowes datastore clients to keep connections alive
  • Changed hosting structure to manage revisions
  • Allowed haproxy timeout to be tunable from the tools
  • Removed the need for email address while deploying apps
  • Fixed a bug to consider nodes with open role before spawning new instances
  • Fixed HAProxy stop commands
  • Removed tracking of application metadata from UAServer and relied on Zookeeper instead
  • Added support for resumable package downloads after failures during the build
  • Implemented the datastore_v4.AllocateIds API
  • Upgraded to Kazoo to 2.4.0
  • Fixed a bug which allowed to properly handle non-ascii codes in Search API

Known Issues:

  • Transactional tasks do not currently work for Java
  • Combined application logs are not currently available in Xenial