AppScale on Rackspace

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AppScale can deploy on Rackspace Cloud to provide you with a quick, simple way to run AppScale on a public cloud. Follow the directions below to deploy AppScale on a single node in Rackspace.

Step 1: Setting up your Rackspace VM

  1. Sign up / Sign in to the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel

  2. Select “Create Server”

  3. Server setup:

Name server
Select Image - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)
Select Size - 2GB+ RAM
Select - Create Server

Be sure to store the auto-generated root password in a safe and secure place.

Step 2: Connecting to your Rackspace VM

SSH into your newly created cloud server

  1. The SSH link located on the right will launch your default terminal with an SSH session
  2. Accept the RSA key and enter the server’s root password. Note: You may also SSH into your server by finding the public IP address and using your terminal to create a secure connection.

Step 3: Building AppScale

Start the build process:

$ sudo su
# cd /root
# wget -O - | sh

Step 4: Configure and start AppScale

You have successfully installed AppScale on Rackspace! Create an AppScale configuration file:

$ appscale init cluster

You only need to create this configuration file a single time. Modify the newly created AppScalefile and specify your instance's private IP:

    controller : your-private-ip

Use the domain name or public IP address of your controller node for login_host:

login_host: public-domain-name-1

You can now start AppScale:

$ appscale up

You can deploy Google App Engine applications by running:

$ appscale deploy ~/path-to-your-app

Navigate on your host machine's browser to the provided address to interact with your app.

Step 5: Shutting down AppScale and terminating your instance

Shut down your apps and AppScale deployment by running:

$ appscale down

Getting help

If you run into any problems, please send an email to us via the AppScale Community group or join us on #appscale on freenode.