go-guestbook: datastore error (indexes) #19

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dalu commented Mar 8, 2014

tar.gz-ing the go-guestbook app and uploading I get the following error:

API error 4 (datastore_v3: NEED_INDEX): Query requires an index

I followed the FastStart instructions


nlake44 commented Mar 13, 2014

I believe the index.yaml file needs to be added. It should contain:

- kind: Greeting
  ancestor: yes
  - name: date
    direction: desc

elimisteve commented Mar 21, 2014

Looks like this was fixed by 6baa9d3


elimisteve commented Mar 21, 2014

Is this working for you now, @dalu? OK to close this issue?

dalu commented Mar 21, 2014

I.. don't have it installed anymore, sorry just wanted to report the bug.
I found the performance to be... not satisfying (400 requests/sec tops in Go hello world vs ~26k plain Go, same machine)
I really don't want to rain on your parade, you seem to be nice guys.
I just don't see the benefit of 55 or more physical machines to achive the performance of 1 machine without virtualization.
Maybe I needed to adjust some config file, but I didn't see where or what.
PHP was similar 50 requests/sec plain hello world vs ~17k requests/sec php-fpm


nlake44 commented Mar 24, 2014

@dalu this is most likely due to a bad default configuration in AppScale. I will look into it. Closing this issue.

nlake44 closed this Mar 24, 2014

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