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Rentman WooCommerce Plugin

Update 5.1.5

  • Plugin now depends on WooCommerce being activate

  • Added uninstall hook

  • External reference in Rentman will now only contain the reference instead of being prefixed with "External reference:"

  • Removed WooCommerce id from external reference

  • Order is exported to Rentman when checkout order is processed instead of when the thank you page is loaded

  • Moved admin menu from WooCommerce submenu to it's own menu item

  • Added a setting for the project name (with variables)

  • Changed layout of some settings from yes/no select to checkbox

  • Added language setting

  • Added add-to-cart template for custom Rentable product

  • Fixed bug creating contact when contactpersoon is null

  • Minor warning fix

  • Fixed bug in availability check

  • Fixed integer buffer overflow when parsing timestamp on 32-bit OS

  • Fixed Import Log

Installation process

  1. If you already have an older version (lower then 5.1.1) of the plugin installed we recommend to deactivate and delete this first.
  2. Go to the Wordpress Admin Panel and upload the ZIP file in the plugins screen. Alternatively, you can also manually unzip the ZIP file in the wordpress/wp-content/plugins folder onto the server.
  3. Activate the Rentman plugin.
  4. Navigate to Rentman -> Account in the Wordpress admin panel.
  5. Filling in your Rentman Webshop Token will provide access to your rentmanapp. You can find this token in your rentmanapp under Configuration -> Extensions -> Webshop.
  6. If this is your first time using this plugin, you will be granted a trial subscription for 30 days.
  7. Navigate to Rentman -> Settings for additional settings.
  8. To import your products into WooCommerce, navigate to Rentman -> Import and click on the 'Update Products' button.
  9. After the import has finished, the plugin will display the tax rates that have been found in Rentman for the imported products. You have to create your own tax classes in WooCommerce that match these rates.