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Wordpress Plugin Generator

Create a new wordpress plugin in seconds using GruntJS.

First Time Setup

If you don't have NodeJS and grunt already installed on your PC then follow these instructions, otherwise proceed to next section.

  1. Install NodeJS.

  2. Install GruntJS by typing the following command:

npm install -g grunt-cli
  1. Run the following command in the repository root directory to install all the required grunt plugins:
npm install

This setup is required only once.

Generating Wordpress Plugin

  1. Duplicate file build-sample.json as build.json
  2. Fill in values in build.json. You should at-least give the values for "plugin-name", "author-name", "author-email"
  3. Type the following in the repository root directory:

A directory named dist would be created and would have the generated code for your wordpress plugin.

Sample Plugins:

  1. Tweetability


The generated code for wordpress plugins mainly comes from the awesome WordPress Plugin Boilerplate by Tom McFarlin.