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Braze React SDK

Effective marketing automation is an essential part of successfully scaling and managing your business. Braze empowers you to build better customer relationships through a seamless, multi-channel approach that addresses all aspects of the user life cycle Braze helps you engage your users on an ongoing basis.

SDK Integration

See our Technical Documentation for instructions on integrating Braze into your React Native application.


  • AppboyProject - Contains the AppboyProject sample app with integration examples for the React Native bridge. This sample app integrates the iOS bridge via manual linking, and the iOS SDK via Cocoapods.
  • HelloReact - Contains the HelloReact sample app, which integrates the iOS bridge using Cocoapods via a local Podspec.

Running the Sample App

The following commands apply to both sample projects and use the AppboyProject directory as an example.

cd AppboyProject/
npm install


Our sample app integrates the native Braze iOS SDK through Cocoapods.

From the AppboyProject directory:

sudo gem install cocoapods
cd ios/
pod install
cd ../
react-native run-ios


From the AppboyProject directory:

react-native run-android