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Create custom dashboards for AppDynamics at high speed
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Create AppDynamics dashboards at ⚡ speed


AppDash has two main modes: Grid Mode and Template Mode

Grid Mode

With Grid mode, you can quickly generate a table of widgets

Template Mode

With Template mode, you can use our library of existing templates or add your own.

Stack dashboards together:

Or create multiple dashboards at once:

Getting Started


Download it here -

  • Mac: Unzip the file, then drag it to your Applications folder
  • Windows: No installation necessary! Just double click the exe file.
  • Linux: Wow, you're so 1337h4x0r. Make Richard Stallman proud and run it from the JS source - docs


Config tells AppDash how to connect to the AppDynamics controller.

Try Grid Mode

To deploy a dashboard in Grid Mode, pick a sample query (here we picked 'All Applications'), and click 'Deploy Dashboard'.

Try Template Mode

To deploy a dashboard in Template Mode, pick a sample dashboard (here we picked 'Application - OS'), modify the query to pick what applications it should apply to, and click 'Deploy Dashboard'.


Contributing - Like AppDash? Anyone is welcome to help make it better


Created and maintained by Daniel Arrizza. You can reach me at daniel (dot) arrizza (at)

Help and FAQ

Help docs - A guide to each screen in the app and FAQ

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