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Self-Service Sample Application
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Docker based Sample Application with Java REST server, MySQL database and Node.js frontend.

Project Setup

  1. Copy docker-compose.yml and save to local
  2. Fill in environment variables:
    • CONTROLLER_URL : For example:
    • CONTROLLER_PORT : 443 (SaaS controller), 8090 (or whichever port you set for on-prem controller)
    • CONTROLLER_ACCOUNT_NAME : Get from License information
    • CONTROLLER_ACCESS_KEY: Get from License information
    • PORTAL_USERNAME: Your account (required for downloading agents)
    • PORTAL_PASSWORD: Your password (required for downloading agents)
    • AGENT_VERSION: Your 4 digit controller version, for example:
    • APP_ID: Not applicable if trying from GitHub source. Leave empty. (Note, some features are not availble with APP_ID left empty)

Note: If you want to build Docker images from source code, clone the project and uncomment line 7 and line 34 in docker-compose.yml.


  1. Start the application from docker-compose.yml directory by running:

    docker-compose up -d

  2. Once you see "... Creating web", run this command to install AppDynamics agents:

    docker exec -it rest install-appdynamics; docker exec rest start-all

  3. Now your app is running (your default Docker host may not be

Open frontend in browser, you will see this:

alt tag

Clean up

  • Stop and remove all the running containers:

    docker-compose down

  • Remove all the images:

    docker rmi -f appdynamics/sample-app-rest appdynamics/sample-app-web mysql

  • Delete docker-compose.yml

  • Your enviroment is clean now!

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