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Varnish Monitoring Extension

This extension works only with the standalone machine agent.

Use Case

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents. The varnish-monitoring-extension gathers cache metrics exposed through Varnish's REST API and sends them to the AppDynamics Metric Browser.


This extension requires vagent2 to be installed. Please follow the steps in /vagent2/blob/master/INSTALL.rst to install vagent2. You can also install vagent2 from the attached binary file.


  1. Type 'mvn clean install' in the command line from the varnish-monitoring-extension directory.
  2. Deploy the file found in the 'dist' directory into the <machineagent install dir>/monitors/ directory.
  3. Unzip the deployed file.
  4. Configure details in <machineagent install dir>/monitors/VarnishMonitor/config.yml
  5. Configure metrics to collect in <machineagent install dir>/monitors/VarnishMonitor/EnabledMetrics.xml
  6. Restart the machine agent.
  7. In the AppDynamics Metric Browser, look for: Application Infrastructure Performance | <Tier> | Custom Metrics | Varnish


Note : Please make sure to not use tab (\t) while editing yaml files. You may want to validate the yaml file using a yaml validator

  1. Configure the Varnish Vagent2 details by editing the config.yml file in <MACHINE_AGENT_HOME>/monitors/VarnishMonitor/.
  2. Below is the default config.yml

    - name: "LocalVarnish"
      host: "localhost"
      port: 6085
      scheme: "http"
      username: "admin"
      # Provide either password or passwordEncrypted and encryptionKey
      password: "admin"
      passwordEncrypted: ""
      encryptionKey: ""
      enabledMetricsPath: "monitors/VarnishMonitor/EnabledMetrics.xml"
    - name: "RemoteVarnish"
      host: "localhost"
      port: 6085
      scheme: "http"
      username: "admin"
      password: "admin"
      passwordEncrypted: ""
      encryptionKey: ""
      enabledMetricsPath: "monitors/VarnishMonitor/EnabledMetrics.xml"
    # Number of concurrent threads for
    # dealing with multiple Varnish instances
    # Note: You don't necessarily have to match the no of threads
    # to the no of Varnish instances configured above
    # unless you have a lot of CPUs in your machine
    numberOfVarnishThreads: 2
    #This will create this metric in all the tiers, under this path
    metricPrefix: "Custom Metrics|Varnish|"
    #This will create it in specific Tier/Component. Make sure to replace <COMPONENT_ID> with the appropriate one from your environment.
    #To find the <COMPONENT_ID> in your environment, please follow the screenshot
    #metricPrefix: Server|Component:<COMPONENT_ID>|Custom Metrics|Varnish 
  3. Default EnabledMetrics.xml

<!-- Only metrics present here will be shown in the Controller. Remaining metrics will be ignored -->
    <!-- <Metric name="timestamp"/> -->
    <Metric name="MAIN.uptime" displayName="Uptime"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.pools" collectDelta="true" displayName="No Of Pools"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.threads" collectDelta="true"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.threads_created" collectDelta="true"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.n_backend"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.shm_records"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.shm_writes"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.n_vcl"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.n_vcl_avail"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.bans"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.bans_completed"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.bans_added"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.bans_persisted_bytes"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.vsm_free"/>
    <Metric name="MAIN.vsm_used"/>
    <Metric name="MGT.uptime"/>
    <Metric name="MGT.child_start"/>
    <Metric name="MEMPOOL.busyobj.pool"/>
    <Metric name="MEMPOOL.busyobj.sz_wanted"/>
    <Metric name="MEMPOOL.busyobj.sz_actual"/>
    <Metric name="MEMPOOL.req0.pool"/>
    <Metric name="MEMPOOL.req0.sz_wanted"/>
    <Metric name="MEMPOOL.req0.sz_actual"/>


Password Encryption Support

To avoid setting the clear text password in the config.yaml, please follow the process below to encrypt the password

  1. Download the util jar to encrypt the password from and navigate to the downloaded directory
  2. Encrypt password from the commandline java -cp appd-exts-commons-1.1.2.jar com.appdynamics.extensions.crypto.Encryptor encryptionKey myPassword
  3. Specify the passwordEncrypted and encryptionKey in config.yaml


NOTE: Only metrics configured in the EnabledMetrics.xml file will be collected. Please add the metrics you want to collect to this file.

Here are some of the varnish metrics available through vagent2.

Metric Name Description
client_conn Client connections accepted
client_drop Connection dropped, no sess/wrk
client_req Client requests received
cache_hit Cache hits
cache_hitpass Cache hits for pass
cache_miss Cache misses
backend_conn Backend conn. success
backend_unhealthy Backend conn. not attempted
backend_busy Backend conn. too many
backend_fail Backend conn. failures
backend_reuse Backend conn. reuses
backend_toolate Backend conn. was closed
backend_recycle Backend conn. recycles
backend_retry Backend conn. retry
n_wrk N worker threads
n_wrk_create N worker threads created
n_wrk_failed N worker threads not created
n_wrk_max N worker threads limited
n_wrk_lqueue work request queue length
n_wrk_queued N queued work requests
n_wrk_drop N dropped work requests
n_backend N backends
n_expired N expired objects
s_sess Total Sessions
s_req Total Requests
uptime Client uptime
dir_dns_lookups DNS director lookups
dir_dns_failed DNS director failed lookups
dir_dns_hit DNS director cached lookups hit
dir_dns_cache_full DNS director full dnscache
timestamp Timestamp in milliseconds
fetch_head Fetch head
fetch_length Fetch with Length
fetch_chunked Fetch chunked
fetch_eof Fetch EOF
fetch_bad Fetch had bad headers
fetch_close Fetch wanted close
fetch_oldhttp Fetch pre HTTP/1.1 closed
fetch_zero Fetch zero len
fetch_failed Fetch failed
fetch_1xx Fetch no body (1xx)
fetch_204 Fetch no body (204)
fetch_304 Fetch no body (304)
n_sess_mem N struct sess_mem
n_sess N struct sess
n_object N struct object
n_vampireobject N unresurrected objects
n_objectcore N struct objectcore
n_objecthead N struct objecthead
n_waitinglist N struct waitinglist
n_vbc N struct vbc
n_lru_nuked N LRU nuked objects
n_lru_moved N LRU moved objects
losthdr HTTP header overflows
n_objsendfile Objects sent with sendfile
n_objwrite Objects sent with write
n_objoverflow Objects overflowing workspace
s_pipe Total pipe
s_pass Total pass
s_fetch Total fetch
s_hdrbytes Total header bytes
s_bodybytes Total body bytes
sess_closed Session Closed
sess_pipeline Session Pipeline
sess_readahead Session Read Ahead
sess_linger Session Linger
sess_herd Session herd
shm_records SHM records
shm_writes SHM writes
shm_flushes SHM flushes due to overflow
shm_cont SHM MTX contention
shm_cycles SHM cycles through buffer
sms_nreq SMS allocator requests
sms_nobj SMS outstanding allocations
sms_nbytes SMS outstanding bytes
sms_balloc SMS bytes allocated
sms_bfree SMS bytes freed
backend_req Backend requests made
n_vcl N vcl total
n_vcl_avail N vcl available
n_vcl_discard N vcl discarded
n_ban N total active bans
n_ban_gone N total gone bans
n_ban_add N new bans added
n_ban_retire N old bans deleted
n_ban_obj_test N objects tested
n_ban_re_test N regexps tested against
n_ban_dups N duplicate bans removed
hcb_nolock HCB Lookups without lock
hcb_lock HCB Lookups with lock
hcb_insert HCB Inserts
esi_errors ESI parse errors (unlock)
esi_warnings ESI parse warnings (unlock)
accept_fail Accept failures
client_drop_late Connection dropped late
vmods Loaded VMODs
n_gzip Gzip operations
n_gunzip Gunzip operations
sess_pipe_overflow Dropped sessions due to session pipe overflow
LCK.sms.creat Created locks
LCK.sms.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.sms.locks Lock Operations
LCK.sms.colls Collisions
LCK.smp.creat Created locks
LCK.smp.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.smp.locks Lock Operations
LCK.smp.colls Collisions
LCK.sma.creat Created locks
LCK.sma.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.sma.locks Lock Operations
LCK.sma.colls Collisions
LCK.smf.creat Created locks
LCK.smf.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.smf.locks Lock Operations
LCK.smf.colls Collisions
LCK.hsl.creat Created locks
LCK.hsl.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.hsl.locks Lock Operations
LCK.hsl.colls Collisions
LCK.hcb.creat Created locks
LCK.hcb.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.hcb.locks Lock Operations
LCK.hcb.colls Collisions
LCK.hcl.creat Created locks
LCK.hcl.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.hcl.locks Lock Operations
LCK.hcl.colls Collisions
LCK.vcl.creat Created locks
LCK.vcl.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.vcl.locks Lock Operations
LCK.vcl.colls Collisions
LCK.stat.creat Created locks
LCK.stat.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.stat.locks Lock Operations
LCK.stat.colls Collisions
LCK.sessmem.creat Created locks
LCK.sessmem.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.sessmem.locks Lock Operations
LCK.sessmem.colls Collisions
LCK.wstat.creat Created locks
LCK.wstat.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.wstat.locks Lock Operations
LCK.wstat.colls Collisions
LCK.herder.creat Created locks
LCK.herder.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.herder.locks Lock Operations
LCK.herder.colls Collisions
LCK.wq.creat Created locks
LCK.wq.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.wq.locks Lock Operations
LCK.wq.colls Collisions
LCK.objhdr.creat Created locks
LCK.objhdr.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.objhdr.locks Lock Operations
LCK.objhdr.colls Collisions
LCK.exp.creat Created locks
LCK.exp.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.exp.locks Lock Operations
LCK.exp.colls Collisions
LCK.lru.creat Created locks
LCK.lru.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.lru.locks Lock Operations
LCK.lru.colls Collisions
LCK.cli.creat Created locks
LCK.cli.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.cli.locks Lock Operations
LCK.cli.colls Collisions
LCK.ban.creat Created locks
LCK.ban.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.ban.locks Lock Operations
LCK.ban.colls Collisions
LCK.vbp.creat Created locks
LCK.vbp.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.vbp.locks Lock Operations
LCK.vbp.colls Collisions
LCK.vbe.creat Created locks
LCK.vbe.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.vbe.locks Lock Operations
LCK.vbe.colls Collisions
LCK.backend.creat Created locks
LCK.backend.destroy Destroyed locks
LCK.backend.locks Lock Operations
LCK.backend.colls Collisions
SMA.s0.c_req Allocator requests
SMA.s0.c_fail Allocator failures
SMA.s0.c_bytes Bytes allocated
SMA.s0.c_freed Bytes freed
SMA.s0.g_alloc Allocations outstanding
SMA.s0.g_bytes Bytes outstanding
SMA.s0.g_space Bytes available
SMA.Transient.c_req Allocator requests
SMA.Transient.c_fail Allocator failures
SMA.Transient.c_bytes Bytes allocated
SMA.Transient.c_freed Bytes freed
SMA.Transient.g_alloc Allocations outstanding
SMA.Transient.g_bytes Bytes outstanding
SMA.Transient.g_space Bytes available
VBE.default.vcls VCL references
VBE.default.happy Happy health probes

Custom Dashboard


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