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##SuiteCRM 7.7.6

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What's in this repository

This is the git repository for the SuiteCRM project, the award-winning, enterprise-class open source CRM.

This repository has been created to allow community members to collaborate and contribute to the project, helping to develop the SuiteCRM ecosystem.

Contributing to the project

#####Important: Please read before developing code intended for inclusion in the SuiteCRM project.#####

Please read and sign the following contributor agreement

The Contributor Agreement only needs to be signed once for all pull requests and contributions.

Once signed and confirmed, any pull requests will be considered for inclusion in the SuiteCRM project.

Helpful links for the community###

The following links offer various ways to view, contribute and collaborate to the SuiteCRM project:

Development Roadmap

View the Roadmap here and get involved

Support & Licensing

SuiteCRM is an open source project. As such please do not contact us directly via email or phone for SuiteCRM support. Instead please use our support forum. By using the forum the knowledge is shared with everyone in the community. Our developers answer questions on the forum daily but it also gives the other members of the community the opportunity to contribute. If you would like customisations to specifically fit your SuiteCRM needs then please use our contact form.

SuiteCRM is published under the AGPLv3 license.