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2.0RC1 #40

ChrisRM opened this Issue Mar 24, 2013 · 20 comments


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ChrisRM commented Mar 24, 2013

So, I've been working on this 2.0.RC1 release for a while, and wanted to post a status.
Im sure I've forgot alot of the changes Ive made, but this should be the most important fixes and additions. Im currently working on the last feature before I release it, which is the ability to select which calendar to add the event to (EventKit).

That said, Im really considering submitting this module to the Appcelerator Marketplace, as I've laid down alot of work and time in it. What do you guys think ? Are there anyway to keep it open source, but still get the cash for some beers at the weekends ? ;-)

  • Added EKEventViewController and EKEventEditViewController for the built-in event viewer/editor.
  • Added showTable to hide/show tableView under the calendar. (Default: true)
  • Added showWeekNum to hide/show week numbers on the first day of each week. (Default: false)
  • Added nativeEditor to use the built in EKEventEditViewController when clicking events in the table. (Default: true)
  • Added theme for easier skinning. (Default: Cal's theme) Fixes #26
  • Added allDay to set allDay events (Default: false) Fixes #21, #36
  • Added event:deleted which fires when an event is deleted using swipe in the tableview.
  • Fixed fetchEvents so it now responds with the list of events, including identifier. Fixes #38
  • Added getCalendars() to get a list of calendars (EventKit)
  • Added multiple dots to show how many events pr. date
  • Events now sorted by ascending order, by hour.
  • CalendarView tile-height set to 35, compared to 44 earlier. This gives better space below for the tableview.
  • Fixed #35 #issuecomment-14710880
  • Huge performance improvements

@ghost ghost assigned ChrisRM Mar 24, 2013

This would be a welcome module in the marketplace, as the existing implementations are not great. Of course, open source is nice too... but I'd be happy to contribute to your efforts. If you don't end up adding it to the marketplace, put-up donate link so we can buy you some beers for the weekend!


aaronce commented Mar 25, 2013

sounds great so far chris!

Yes- please put up a Paypal Donate button at least in the meantime- We're greatly appreciative of your efforts Chris!

On 26/03/2013, at 11:03 AM, Aaron Eastall notifications@github.com wrote:

sounds great so far chris!

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soyoh commented Mar 26, 2013

sound great, it would be awesome if is opensource, for sure i'll donate if you put some paypal donation buttons or something similar.


ChrisRM commented Mar 26, 2013

I think I'll release version 2 in the marketplace and keep version 1 open source. I'll also merge the fixes from v2 to v1 so it functions correctly. Version 1 is more like the native calendar in iOS, so I think that would be the right thing to do.

Im also thinking about removing Core Data(sqlite really) from the available datasources in v2, as you can select which calendar to add events to in EventKit and also create new calendars, so theres really no need for an additional datasource.

Although v2 is heading in the marketplace direction, the ones interested here will get access to a private repository with the source.


clseva commented Mar 26, 2013

Hi Chris, I'm agree with you and I think your solution is the more balanced, specially if you merge new/pending features with actual version for now and keep this one open source in the future. Also, it is appreciated the private repository with new version for us or the "betatesters" :).

Thank you!

Nubuu commented Mar 27, 2013

Hey Chris - looks awesome :) A private acces to give you feedback would be awesome!

One question:
Can we manipulate the data seen on the Edit screen? For example is it possible to insert own Repeat "types" or maybe just a extra field or something like that... ? 👍


ChrisRM commented Mar 27, 2013

The edit screen is not customizable, and I don't have any control over it. You have the option not to use it though. If you set nativeEditor to false, you can create your own custom view and insert the data provided by event:clicked.

Im in the work of setting up the private repository and inviting some betatesters. I want the module to be well tested before I upload it to the Marketplace. So... Those who want access and wish to contribute by testing version 2.0 of AGCalendar, please let me know. You'll get access to a private repository not only for this module, but some other modules in the work. Im about 90% done with a location based Augmented Reality module that also need some testing. Let me know

nubu commented Mar 31, 2013

<< Would love to test it and give you feedback! ;-)

clseva commented Mar 31, 2013

+1 :) Thank you!!

aaronce commented Apr 3, 2013

Screenshots look awesome. I think you're right with keeping v1 and v2 separate. I already have a project lined up where v2 will be useful!

Thanks Chris. Please add me to the beta. I'm happy to pay in the marketplace but would love to test the calendar in our own beta.



ChrisRM commented Apr 8, 2013

I've been busy at work the last week or so. I'll see if I can upload it within a couple of days.

I'll send you some invitations as soon as the module is ready for some testing.

clseva commented Apr 26, 2013

Hi Chris, any news?

nubu commented May 16, 2013

Hey Chris, anything new for RC2.0 ? :) Would be soo awesome !


ChrisRM commented May 23, 2013

Just wanted to say that I havent abonded the module, I just have so much to do at work these days. I'll try to make some time for it this weekend.

Nubuu commented Jul 1, 2013

Hey Chris - any news about the module?


ChrisRM commented Oct 30, 2013

Hi guys, finally I got some time to finish up this thing. I will be working on the module this week and through the weekend and push it early next week.


ChrisRM commented Feb 24, 2014

Once again, sorry for the delay! I need testers for the new module, which is 100% customizable, includes a week and day view, week numbers and much more. All testers will get access to a private repository with all source files. Let me know

Hi Chris,

Just thought I'd add a polite bump to this thread ;)
I'm sure you're plenty busy with other projects, but I'd be really interested to see how things are coming with the v2 module. I'd also like to volunteer some sponsorship for its development if that would help.. Cheers!

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