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Restore the iOS 9 Music app on iOS 10.
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Bring the iOS 9 Music app to iOS 10.

About this tweak

I had originally planned to release and finish this tweak myself, but was unable to because of stress from school and other things. To benefit the community, I have released it as open-source here, with the hopes that others can bring it to completion.

Not a developer?

Get Melody from my repo


If you plan on contributing, you must read the license carefully.

I have put a lot of work into this tweak, so please respect my wishes and code while using the source code. I have finished most of the tweak and left over is mainly small bugs and features. Check out the issues page to see what needs to be done.

Try to merge back into this base fork, as I will be distributing it on a default repository of my choice and my own personal repo.

I plan to credit people who are committed to making Melody great. If you release a modified version of Melody, read the license and understand that you may not modify the credits or donation links.


We use a modified version of the MIT license. It is important that you understand the license and its modified terms in full. On top of the standard MIT license, we ask that you:

  • Do not distribute Melody as a paid tweak (it must be free).

  • Do not modify the included credits or donation links inside the source code or compiled tweak.

  • Do not submit any tweak compiled using the source code of Melody to a default or commercial Cydia repo.

  • Add the same credits and donation links to any other software if you decide to use a portion of Melody, and ask that you use a similarly permitting license.

  • Distribute the tweak while providing notices of the following:

    • Melody is originally and mostly created by me

    • You have modified Melody so that it may not behave properly or like the original version of Melody.

    • Working on Melody does not mean that you are associated in any way, shape, or form with Dynastic Development or me.

Exceptions may be made to these, but only with the prior approval of myself.

Reading this quick summary does not act as a replacement for reading the license in full. For more details, read the license here.

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