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Apple II emulator for Windows

AppleWin is a fully-featured emulator supporting different Apple II models and clones. A variety of peripheral cards and video display modes are supported (eg. NTSC, RGB); and there's an extensive built-in symbolic debugger.

Peripheral cards supported:

  • Mockingboard, Phasor and SAM sound cards
  • Disk II interface for floppy disk drives
  • Hard disk controller
  • Super Serial Card (SSC)
  • Parallel printer card
  • Mouse interface
  • Apple IIe Extended 80-Column Text Card and RamWorks III (8MB)
  • RGB cards: Apple's Extended 80-Column Text/AppleColor Adaptor Card, 'Le Chat Mauve' Féline and Eve.
  • CP/M SoftCard
  • Uthernet I (ethernet card)
  • Language Card and Saturn 64/128K for Apple II/II+
  • No Slot Clock (NSC)

Download latest (stable) release: AppleWin v1.29.16.0

Release Notes: v1.29.16.0


To compile from source see:

Next Version

Experimental build: pending

Please report new issues

Previous Versions

Last version supporting Windows 2000:

Last version supporting Windows 98/ME: