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Learn Appleseed Portal


This site is a work in progress. Topics marked with a |stub-icon| are placeholders that are currently being written. You can track the status of these topics through our public documentation issue tracker.

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This documentation is for Users, Builders, Designers, Developers, and Administrators of applications that are built on Appleseed Portal.

Introduction |stub-icon|

A brief introuction to the Appleseed Portal Project.


For Getting Started with Appleseed and installation into different environments.

Upgrade |stub-icon|

For Upgrading Current Installations of Appleseed Portal.

User Guide |stub-icon|

For site users that want to know how to find, add and manage content for general use.

Builder Guide |stub-icon|

For site builders that want to know how to add and manage pages, modules as a power user.

Administrator Guide |stub-icon|

For site administrators that want to know how to administer portals, backup content, and manage multiple sites.

Developer Guide |stub-icon|

For site developers that want to extend the basic functionality of the Appleseed software with different types of modules and connectors.

Designer Guide |stub-icon|

For site designers that want to change the look and feel of the portal, pages, and modules using themes, layouts, and local theme overrides.