A phonegap plugin to open and use sqlite databases on iOS.
Objective-C CoffeeScript JavaScript
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Phonegap SQLitePlugin


We are brand new to objective-c, so there could be problems with our code!


Drag .h and .m files into your project's Plugins folder (in xcode) -- I always just have "Create references" as the option selected.

Take the precompiled javascript file from build/, or compile the coffeescript file in src/ to javascript WITH the top-level function wrapper option (default).

Use the resulting javascript file in your HTML.

Look for the following to your project's PhoneGap.plist:


Insert this in there:


General Usage

Coffee Script

db = new PGSQLitePlugin("test_native.sqlite3")
db.executeSql('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS test_table')
db.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS test_table (id integer primary key, data text, data_num integer)')

db.transaction (tx) ->

  tx.executeSql [ "INSERT INTO test_table (data, data_num) VALUES (?,?)", "test", 100], (res) ->

    # success callback

    console.log "insertId: #{res.insertId} -- probably 1"
    console.log "rowsAffected: #{res.rowsAffected} -- should be 1"

    # check the count (not a part of the transaction)
    db.executeSql "select count(id) as cnt from test_table;", (res) ->
      console.log "rows.length: #{res.rows.length} -- should be 1"
      console.log "rows[0].cnt: #{res.rows[0].cnt} -- should be 1"

  , (e) ->

    # error callback

    console.log "ERROR: #{e.message}"

Plain Javascript

var db;
db = new PGSQLitePlugin("test_native.sqlite3");
db.executeSql('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS test_table');
db.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS test_table (id integer primary key, data text, data_num integer)');
db.transaction(function(tx) {
  return tx.executeSql(["INSERT INTO test_table (data, data_num) VALUES (?,?)", "test", 100], function(res) {
    console.log("insertId: " + res.insertId + " -- probably 1");
    console.log("rowsAffected: " + res.rowsAffected + " -- should be 1");
    return db.executeSql("select count(id) as cnt from test_table;", function(res) {
      console.log("rows.length: " + res.rows.length + " -- should be 1");
      return console.log("rows[0].cnt: " + res.rows[0].cnt + " -- should be 1");
  }, function(e) {
    return console.log("ERROR: " + e.message);

Lawnchair Adapter Usage

Include the following js files in your html:

  • lawnchair.js (you provide)
  • pgsqlite_plugin.js
  • lawnchair_pgsqlite_plugin_adapter.js (must come after pgsqlite_plugin.js)

The name option will determine the sqlite filename. Optionally, you can change it using the db option.

In this example, you would be using/creating the database at: Documents/kvstore.sqlite3 (all db's in PGSQLitePlugin are in the Documents folder)

kvstore = new Lawnchair { name: "kvstore", adapter: PGSQLitePlugin.lawnchair_adapter }, () ->
  # do stuff

Using the db option you can create multiple stores in one sqlite file. (There will be one table per store.)

recipes = new Lawnchair {db: "cookbook", name: "recipes", ...}
ingredients = new Lawnchair {db: "cookbook", name: "ingredients", ...}

Other notes from @Joenoon:

I played with the idea of batching responses into larger sets of writeJavascript on a timer, however there was only a barely noticeable performance gain. So I took it out, not worth it. However there is a massive performance gain by batching on the client-side to minimize PhoneGap.exec calls using the transaction support.