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DeckchairGem RubyGem

Updated Sep 22, 2012


forked from janfri/mini_exiftool

This library is a wrapper for the Exiftool command-line application ( written by Phil Harvey. You will get the full power of Exiftool to Ruby: Reading and writing of EXIF-data, IPTC-data and XMP-data.

Updated Sep 14, 2012


forked from markevans/dragonfly

A Ruby Rack-based gem for on-the-fly processing - suitable for image uploading in Rails, Sinatra and much more!

Updated Sep 6, 2012


forked from coneybeare/country_select

Gemification of rails's country_select

Updated Apr 28, 2012

JavaScript 1 0


Applicious Utilities Gem

Updated Apr 5, 2012


forked from rkyrychuk/tolk

Tolk is a web interface for doing i18n translations packaged as an engine for Rails 3.1 applications

Updated Feb 6, 2012

JavaScript 1 105


forked from buckwilson/Lightbox_me

An easy to use lightbox plugin for jQuery

Updated Jul 12, 2011

JavaScript 1 111


forked from malsup/corner

jQuery Corner Plugin (by Dave Methvin and Mike Alsup)

Updated May 23, 2011


forked from hoopla/rack-p3p

Insert a P3P header into your Rack webapp.

Updated May 11, 2011

ActionScript 1 105


forked from nathancolgate/s3-swf-upload-plugin

A rails 3 gem which allow user upload files to S3 through an embedded flash directly. All UI has been moved out of flex and can be controlled by CSS and JavaScript callbacks.

Updated Nov 16, 2010

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