Item P2P Tunnels not transferring #2653

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Grygon commented Nov 22, 2016 edited


I have this setup for p2p tunnels which should, in theory, be working fine to transfer the items from the hopper to the chest through the two connected item P2P tunnels.


All other mods should be irrelevant, but can be found on the dw20 modpack site.

Tested in SP in both an existing setup an a new, creative setup.

  • Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
  • AE2 Version: appliedenergistics2-rv4-alpha-5
  • Forge Version: forge-
shartte commented Nov 23, 2016

Will try this out as soon as I can to confirm.

yueh commented Nov 23, 2016 edited

I am not sure, if hoppers even work as the tunnels are still using the old inventory system and hoppers might be patched to only use an item cap.

Regardless they should be changed to an IItemHandler to make it easier. Maybe also some QoL improvments.

Edit: Same for fluids.

Xiaminou commented Dec 9, 2016

so I take it fluid P2P are not working right now?


yeah, fluid p2p not working in my build either


I'm using appliedenergistics2-rv4-alpha-11.jar

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