Issues with EU and RF p2p tunnels in 1.10.2 #2667

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After placing an ME P2P Tunnel, I can set the mode the fluid, items, light, or redstone, but right-clicking with an IndustrialCraft cable does not set it to EU mode. If I cheat in the EU mode P2P Tunnel, it connects and works fine. There is no RF version in my game, so I can't connect my Ender IO conduits to it.


I'm playing the Direwolf20 1.10 pack on single player. I tried making a pack with just the latest versions of AE2, IC2, Ender IO, and forge, but that didn't fix the issue.

  • Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
  • AE2 Version: rv4-alpha-5
  • Forge Version:
yueh commented Dec 1, 2016

Looks like IC2 changed the item names, so the attunements are wrong. Will be fixed.

But there is simply no RF tunnel.

@yueh yueh added the type-bug label Dec 1, 2016
@yueh yueh added this to the rv4 beta - 1.10 milestone Dec 1, 2016

If you don't mind me asking, why was the RF tunnel feature removed?

@yueh yueh closed this in c405e72 Dec 2, 2016
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