P2P Channels in multiblocks have max channel issues #489

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rufjame commented Nov 25, 2014

P2P channels in a multiblock will have a total maximum 32 channels if they have a side touching. If they are opposite they have 32 each.

E.G. -- If the below p2p channels are W,A,S,D :
P2P combinations that total 32 channels: WA,AS,SD,DW
P2P combinations that have 64 channels in total (32 each) WS,AD

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yueh commented Nov 25, 2014

I have not really an idea what you are trying to report.

But it looks like you configured the p2p channels wrongly.
Each p2p channel will share 32 channels between every endpoint.
If you link each of the inner p2p tunnels with a separate endpoint, each will transfer 32 channels for 128 in total over a non-dense cable.

rufjame commented Nov 25, 2014

If the corners touch instead of each having 32 channels they have a total of 32 channels. I have the endpoints connected to two sets of 32 disk drives.

rufjame commented Nov 25, 2014

Ok Nvm, The server decided it wanted to have a hissey fit. It works correctly after a server restart


uh.. closing I guess

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