Build rv4.alpha.11

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Dec 31, 2016

Fixes #2729: Transformer bug introduced during FG/mcpbot downtime. - yueh


Build rv4.alpha.10

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Dec 31, 2016

Feature #2727: Replaces old fluid handlers with the new capability based system for Fluid P2P tunnels and ME Chests. - yueh

Fixes #2684: Avoid transforming charged quartz when dead to avoid duping. - yueh

Fixes #2707: Calculuate the correct AABB for a rotated skychest. - yueh

Fixes #2713: Call super#onBlockActivated() for wrench interaction with assemblers, crafting units and wireless aps. - yueh

Fixes #2714: Use a concurrent list to avoid rare CME crashes with the NetworkList. - yueh

Fixes #2724: Use capitalized oredict name for dyes, not uppercase. Allows using dyes with the color applicator again. - yueh


Build rv4.alpha.9

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Dec 14, 2016

Feature #2650: TheOneProbe integration, same information as WAILA - yueh

Change #2693: Replaced the API watcher interfaces for energy, storage and crafting with a more fitting ones compared to a common collection.

Fixes #229: Multiple level emitters can now monitor the same energy threshold - yueh

Fixes #2647: Prevent crafting status from crashing due to missing network. - yueh

Fixes #2664: Prevent anchors from creating intersection. - yueh

Fixes #2680: Use a shorter cable anchor model when blocked by a facade to avoid z-fighting. - yueh

Fixes #2689: Do not pass our own blockstate to the adjacent block. - yueh

Fixes #2690: Fixes constant reequip animation on portable cells/terminals - dshadowwolf

Fixes #2699: Do not trust the stackSize in case of internal changes. - yueh

Updated Forge to the (Current RB)


Build rv4.alpha.8

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Dec 2, 2016

Feature #2643: Added a blacklist of specific oredict names for the grindstone. Can be used to prevent the recipe generation from adding loopholes for other mods in rare cases. - yueh

Change #2644: Updated GrindStone/GrinderRegistry API. - yueh

Fixes #2666: Restore inventory after powerloss while still avoid previous dupe bugs. - yueh

Fixes #2667: Use new IC2 item names for P2P attunement. - yueh

Fixes #2669: Missing particle texture for pylons. - yueh

Fixes #2675: Explicitly set fullBlock to true for blocks. - yueh


Build rv4.alpha.7

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Nov 26, 2016

Feature #2633 Reworked configuration, added config options to disable more features. - yueh

Change #2636: Removed ASMTweaker and replaced it with an AT. - yueh

Fixes #2276, #2655: Two dupe bugs related to network storage handling while booting. - yueh

Fixes #2623: Network Tool not removing facades with shift rightlick. - yueh

Fixes #2626: Subtract the correct amount from the remaining amount of IItemHandlers. - yueh


Build rv4.alpha.6

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Nov 13, 2016

Feature: Added charging items via IC2 API. - shartte

Feature: AE now accepts power via the legacy RF API. - shartte

Feature: Added item charging via legacy RF API. - shartte

Fixes #2544: NetworkTool now returns PASS for shift+right click on parts. - yueh

Fixes #2566: Update packet deserialization was broken when parts were present that were not a grid host. - shartte

Fixes #2593: Subtract the extracted not already gathered amount. - yueh

Fixes #2595: Restrict ItemHandlerAdaptor to not exceed the stacksize of a slot. - yueh

Fixes #2599: Missing instanceof EntityPlayerMP test. - yueh

Fixes #2605: Formation plane now using the correct offset position. - yueh

Fixes #2608: Handle scrollbar on mouseclicks not during rendering. - yueh


Build rv4.alpha.5

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Nov 6, 2016

Feature #2565: Re-Activated the IC2 layers to implement an IC2 P2P tunnel. - shartte

Feature #2573: Add configuration to remove crashing items from Storage Cells, off by default. - shartte

Fixes #2549: A block being rendered in the translucent layer will cause the item renderer to completely disable depth-writing causing silly looking models when held in hand. - shartte

Fixes #2556, #2579: Restore old click behaviour in GUIs. - yueh

Fixes #2567: Use heightmap for very low sea levels. - yueh

Fixes #2569: Prevent crashes from missing mods and an AE2 integration for these. - shartte

Fixes #2571: Only call getDurabilityForDisplay if the item is damageable. - shartte

Fixes #2574: Reduced drive update rate by limit them to modulate actions. - yueh

Fixes #2575: Stopped AEBaseTile from ticking by removed ITickable. Causes Charger to be no longer affected by external ticks. - yueh

Fixes #2577: Use the item stacks color handler to color tinted quads of the block model. - shartte

Fixes #2580: The inscriber's rotation is not taken into account when returning the IItemHandler capability. - shartte

Fixes #2582: Right-Clicking with a Storage Cell would prevent further interaction even if the storage cell wasn't being disassembled. - shartte

Fixes #2585: Hide WAILA data when it cannot be retrieved from the server. - yueh


Build rv4.alpha.4

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Nov 4, 2016

Change #2511: Made memory card messages more clearly. - DeadSix27

Fixes #2561: Do not use unchecked casts for IContainerListener. - yueh

Fixes #2558: Make Sky Stone Chest TESR more robust against odd world state, as Vanilla also does. - shartte

Fixes #2557: Made facades much more robust when rendering. - shartte

Fixes #2554: Extract identical item not any equal one. - yueh

Fixes Macerator recipes when IC2 integration is enabled. - shartte

Fixes registration of recipes when one of the recipes throws an unexpected unchecked exception during registration. - shartte

Replaced reference to FMLCommonHandler EventBus through MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS due to deprecation notice - thatsIch

Removed tickhandler registration from FMLCommonHandler EventBus since they same to MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS - thatsIch

Updated russian translation - xMrVizzy


Build rv4.alpha.3

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Nov 1, 2016

Feature #2527: Implements charging of tools via RF (Forge Energy) and Tesla. Tested with Tesla Essentials and EnderIO. - shartte

Feature #2545: Show P2P-Tunnel Link Status on WAILA. - shartte

Fixes #2525: Light P2P Tunnels not using the correct source for the light value. - shartte

Fixes #2528: Light level not being updated when light-level of cable bus changed after removing parts. - shartte

Fixes #2531 and #2533: Slight overhaul to how Facades store the associated item and retrieve the sprite. - shartte

Fixes #2532: Work around bug in Forge lighting pipeline and UnpackedBakedQuad. - shartte

Fixes #2536: Mark host for save when placing facades. - shartte

Fixes #2542: Prevent memory card from opening a GUI. - yueh

Fixes #2546: Annihilation plane now use the center of an entity instead the bottom to prevent entities from being considered below it. - shartte

Fixes #2547: Fixed bounding boxes of crystal growing and fluix crystals. - shartte

Fixes #2548: Disable item.csv export on the server side, because we're unable to access creative tab information on the server. - shartte

Fixes #2551: Prevent chunk rebuilds when drive is unchanged. - yueh


Build rv4.alpha.2

@AlgorithmX2 AlgorithmX2 released this Oct 29, 2016

Feature #2438: Added IC2 integration. - shartte

Fixes #2489: Revert back to the old lightmap rendering. Added a fallback one in case the forge lighting pipeline is disabled via forge config or Optifine. - shartte

Fixes #2515: Incorrect version comparison consider rv4-alpha being older than any rv3 build. - yueh

Fixes #2516: Added a modid prefix to tile entities. Existing ones will be converted for some time in the future. - yueh

Fixes #2525: Break particles for all attachments of a cable bus. - shartte

Fixes #2526: Fixed dense cable not showing the correct texture for 32 used channels. - shartte

Fixes #2529: Forgot to call superclass method for onBlockExploded for tiny tnt. - shartte

Fixes #2530: Fixed crafting cpus incorrectly cleaning up after a finished job and causing constant updates. - yueh

Updated russian translation - xMrVizzy

Updated simplified chinese translation - bakaxyf