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For an introduction to ModAuthTkt-CSharp, see Single Sign-On Using Mod_Auth_Tkt

ModAuthTkt Example

To create a mod auth tkt with this C# implementation, just follow this example code:

var ticketData = new AuthenticationTicketData
    UserId = "id",
    UserData = "UserData:this;UserData:this;",
    TimeStamp = DateTime.Now,
    IPAddress = ""

var secret = "9a4e3c23-6566-4076-8e71-901d8b068d47";
var encode = false;

string modauthtkt = AuthenticationTicket.Create(ticketData, secret, encode);


This code was ported to C# by Robin Kaye of Applied Information Sciences (AIS).
It has since been maintained and tweaked by David Benson.