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ALS-Prolog Homebrew/Linuxbrew Formula

A formula for installing ALS Prolog with the Homebew or Linuxbrew sudo-less package managers.


To tap and install the latest release:

brew install AppliedLogicSystems/als-prolog/als-prolog

Using ALS Prolog

You can see the files installed with brew ls als-prolog (use -v for full list), but here are the highlights:

  • alspro - command line prolog
  • alsdev - GUI development environment
  • include/alspi.h and lib/libalspro.dylib for build foreign predicates.

You can open the manual with:

open /usr/local/share/doc/als-prolog/als-prolog-manual.pdf


To upgrade to the latest formula:

brew upgrade als-prolog

Un-installing & Un-Tapping

brew uninstall als-prolog

brew untap AppliedLogicSystems/als-prolog

Advanced Development

To install the latest unstable version from the master branch:

brew install --HEAD als-prolog