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Ver-ID Credentials Sample

The project contains a sample application that uses either ID Card Camera or Microblink's BlinkID SDK to scan an ID card. The app uses Ver-ID SDK to detect a face on the captured ID card and compare it to a live selfie taken with the iOS device's camera.

Project setup

  1. Download and install CocoaPods.

  2. Clone this project:

    git clone
  3. In Terminal navigate to the project's root folder (the one that contains Podfile) and install the project's dependencies:

    pod install
  4. Open the generated ID Capture.xcworkspace in Xcode.

  5. Open Google Firebase console add an iOS app with bundle identifier com.appliedrec.ID-Capture to your project and download the generated GoogleServices-Info.plist file.

  6. Add the GoogleServices-Info.plist file to the ID Capture project.

  7. Alternatively, if you don't wish to log app crashes in your Firebase account:

    • Go to the Xcode project's Build Phases and remove the Run Firebase Crashlytics phase.
    • Open AppDelegate.swift and remove the lines import Firebase and FirebaseApp.configure().
    • Delete GoogleServices-Info.plist in the Project navigator.

Adding Ver-ID to your own Xcode project

The sample app uses a Reactive implementation of the Ver-ID SDK. It has the simplest Swift interface. If you wish to call Ver-ID directly from Objective-C please use the lower-level VerIDUI framework.

  1. Add either Rx-Ver-ID:

    pod 'Rx-Ver-ID', '~> 1.3'
    pod 'Ver-ID-UI', '~> 1.10'

    or Ver-ID-UI:

    pod 'Ver-ID-UI', '~> 1.10'

    into your Podfile and run:

    pod install
  2. Register your app. You will need your app's bundle identifier.

  3. Registering your app will generate an evaluation licence for your app. The licence is valid for 30 days. If you need a production licence please contact Applied Recognition.

  4. When you finish the registration you'll receive a file called Ver-ID identity.p12 and a password. Copy the password to a secure location and add the Ver-ID identity.p12 file in your app:

    • Open your project in Xcode.
    • From the top menu select File/Add files to “[your project name]”... or press ⌥⌘A and browse to select the downloaded Ver-ID identity.p12 file.
    • Reveal the options by clicking the Options button on the bottom left of the dialog.
    • Tick Copy items if needed under Destination.
    • Under Added to targets select your app target.
  5. Ver-ID will need the password you received at registration.

    • You can either specify the password when you create an instance of VerIDFactory:

      let veridFactory = VerIDFactory(veridPassword: "your password goes here")
    • Or you can add the password in your app's Info.plist:

      <string>your password goes here</string>
  6. Open your Xcode project and select the *.xcodeproj file in the Project navigator.

  7. Select your target and click on the General tab.

  8. Under Deployment Info check that Deployment Target is set to 11.0 or higher. If you need to target older iOS versions please contact us.

  9. Ensure your app sets the NSCameraUsageDescription key in its Info.plist file.

Adding Microblink to your Xcode project

  1. Apply for an API key on the Microblink website.

  2. Add PPBlinkID into your Podfile:

    pod 'PPBlinkID', '~> 5.0'
  3. Before calling the BlinkID API set your licence key:

    import Microblink
    let licenceKey = "keyObtainedInStep1"
  4. Detailed instructions are available on the BlinkID Github page


Sample app demonstrating the use of Ver-ID when capturing credentials from an ID card



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