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Applifier Impact/Everyplay GameAds are now being fully transformed into Unity Ads SDK! Yes, this time SDK API internals and documentation will be around for long term usage.

A new streamlined development repository is now maintained at https://github.com/Applifier/unity-ads with binary releases separated to https://github.com/Applifier/unity-ads-sdk

For iOS Obj-C and Android Java developers, a backwards compatibility API layer exists for easy transition path.

Unity users are provided with automated legacy cleanup scripts while importing the package, with some minor manual migration expected to re-configure new prefab and update API usage.

An updated documentation with migration guide is available at https://github.com/Applifier/unity-ads/wiki

In any issues, please file in issue against https://github.com/Applifier/unity-ads/issues repository, or log a ticket with us by emailing support@applifier.zendesk.com