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Formatting examples

Note: this page is a fully executable spec for the options it demonstrates. If you are reading this on GitHub, it will render the page nicely and hide all the technical details, so check out the raw markdown to see the actual test configuration.

Appraise allows you to describe complex example structures in several ways that are nice and readable. Similar to how Github uses the first word of a fenced code block to signal the language, Appraise uses the same indicator for the format. This means that your markdown pages will render nicely in when viewed through Github.


Start with ~~~yaml, such as in the example below:

width: 100
height: 100
path: M10,10L90,90M90,10L10,90
color: blue 

path with yaml


Start with ~~~json, such as in the example below:

  "width": 100,
  "height": 100,
  "path": "M10,10L90,90M90,10L10,90",
  "color": "green"

path with json

Plain text

If no special format is set, the text of the example is passed to your fixture


path with text

Adding more formats

To add more formats, submit a patch to util/parse.js.