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Applications Management System Library for PHP (AppsCMS) - README

see Licence in cms/LICENCE.txt

AppsCMS Logo

AppsCMS is an open source Applications Management System Library for PHP (AppsCMS) with a focus on web applications and processing frameworks, written in the traditional Object Orientated Program (OOP) style. Recommend PHP 7.2 or higher.

I often found myself needing a secure and simple AppsCMS to run web applications that present dynamic data, control machinery and external processes. The AppsCMS is unique as the AppsCMS is contained within cms/ directory boundaries, providing web support for applications while leaving the applications to grow independently. The KIS ideal is the mantra.

The AppsCMS has many built in aids including programming aids, log viewing, debugging, examples and setup searches. Making the AppsCMS easy to learn and implement.

Contributions and feedback are welcome (see web site).

Released under the BSD 3-Clause-Clear License.

AppsCMS Code Statistics (V2.17)

PHP code: 43,100 lines, JS code: 1,850 lines, CSS code: 1,940 lines Secondary lib code: 9,000 lines.

Useful AppsCMS links;-

  1. Web Site: ""
  2. Licence: ""
  3. Code Repository: ""
  4. Release Notes: ""
  5. Install Notes: ""

On the Drawing Board;-

  • Catalog - this plugin will provide a basic online shop.
  • Shopping Cart - this plugin will provide a shopping cart for use with other plugins.
  • Pricing - a general cost, mark up, tax and price calculator plugin for use with other plugins.
  • Freight - this plugin will provide freight estimator for use with other plugins.
  • PayPal - a general PayPal ® plugin for use with other plugins.
  • Gallery - stores images, descriptions and other data. It will use the AppsCMS config database to simplify installation and setup. Optionally the PayPal plugin can be linked to allow user to purchase items.



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