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This is a simple laravel notification build ontop of
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Lara-Izitoast : Laravel Notification Package

Demo Image

This is a laravel notification wrapper build with javascript library.

How to use this package


  • Change the configuration on lara-izitoast.php config dir.

  • Get the package via composer

composer require appslabke/lara-izitoast
  • if you are not using Laravel 5.5 or higher add the service provider in your app.php under providers, in config dir.
'providers' => [

If you are using Laravel 5.5 and above, the package will be auto-discovered by laravel

  • Publish Lara-Izitoast package

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="LaraIzitoast\LaraIzitoastServiceProvider"

   <link href="{{ asset('css/iziToast.css') }}" rel="stylesheet">
    <script src="{{ asset('js/iziToast.js') }}"></script>
  • Include the package view file in Layout blade below the iziToast js


Let's make a toast

  • Quick way to make a toast (notification)

notify("Quick notification");


notify("Let's make a toast","Toast","info","topRight");

  • Notification Methods

notify()->success("Message","Title","position", "icon);

notify()->success("Success notification test","Success","topRight");

notify()->error("Error notification test","Error","topLeft");

notify()->warning("Warning notification test","Warning","bottomLeft");

notify()->info("Info notification test","Info","bottomRight");

return view('welcome');

  • And that's it.

Contributing & License

Lara-Izitoast is distributed under the MIT license.

About Apps:Lab

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