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@@ -6,25 +6,24 @@ CIRCA data visualization project
**Project **
-mAPPing innovation: Storytelling with community data. 
+InnoViz: Visualizing Stories of App Innovation
Data analysis and data visualization
-- Create scenarios of use for the database and based on the available data
-investigate the possible niches which can be visualized. 
-- Answer for who these scenarios and niches are interersting and why. 
-- Query the database to make discoveries and test and proof your
-- Based on the findings create at least one design and/ or implementation
-of a visualization.
+Our goal is to understand the role of technology, the role of technology makers
+in the ecosystem and determine key dimensions of innovation. To gain that understanding
+we are going to collect and index data that will visualize the creativity, diversity and
+internationality of the mobile application cluster and will map the driving forces of the
+App Making Industry. With our findings we want to tackle the lack of empirical data on how
+technology and grassroots initiatives can steer innovation.
+We expect that in December 2012, we will have created an inventory of data to showcase the
+dynamics of the Industry and examples of best practices. That kind of knowledge will be beneficial
+for the City, the stakeholders and the communities.
**Theoretical Framework**
@@ -133,17 +132,13 @@ The database created will be handed to the MediaLAb students for further
data analysis, research and developing case-studies.
-The project will introduce students to database structures and
-information visualization. Students will work in a multidisciplinary
-team. The team will develop concepts for implementing an interactive
-application for the visualization and navigation of self-chosen data. 
**Project Partners**

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