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Dear reader,
thank you for your interest in Expert Oracle Exadata, 2nd edition.
Throughout the book you witnessed a pleathora of useful diagnostic
scripts. While the contents of many was shown in the body of the book,
some of them are lengthy enough that we decided not to print their
contents in the listings and rather include them here.
Please make sure to refer to the book for more information and context
of these scripts! Always consult the official Oracle documentation.
Before you start using _any_ of these scripts:
- You must understand what the script you are about to use actually does
(including any effects)
- You must ensure that you are in compliance with Oracle licensing
- You have to test the script thoroughly in a development environment first
Although great care has been taken by the authors, it is your
responsibility to remain in compliance with Oracle licensing, your
environment's standards, procedures and change control.
Have fun!