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-- File name: fsx.sql
-- Purpose: Find SQL and report whether it was Offloaded and % of I/O saved.
-- Author: Kerry Osborne
-- Usage: This scripts prompts for two values.
-- sql_text: a piece of a SQL statement like %select col1, col2 from skew%
-- sql_id: the sql_id of the statement if you know it (leave blank to ignore)
-- Description:
-- This script can be used to locate statements in the shared pool and
-- determine whether they have been executed via Smart Scans.
-- It is based on the observation that the IO_CELL_OFFLOAD_ELIGIBLE_BYTES
-- column in V$SQL is only greater than 0 when a statement is executed
-- using a Smart Scan. The IO_SAVED_% column attempts to show the ratio of
-- of data received from the storage cells to the actual amount of data
-- that would have had to be retrieved on non-Exadata storage. Note that
-- as of, there are issues calculating this value with some queries.
-- Note that the AVG_ETIME will not be acurate for parallel queries. The
-- ELAPSED_TIME column contains the sum of all parallel slaves. So the
-- script divides the value by the number of PX slaves used which gives an
-- approximation.
-- Note also that if parallel slaves are spread across multiple nodes on
-- a RAC database the PX_SERVERS_EXECUTIONS column will not be set.
-- See for additional information.
set pagesize 999
set lines 190
col sql_text format a70 trunc
col child format 99999
col execs format 9,999
col avg_etime format 99,999.99
col "IO_SAVED_%" format 999.99
col avg_px format 999
col offload for a7
select sql_id, child_number child, plan_hash_value plan_hash, executions execs,
decode(px_servers_executions,0,1,px_servers_executions/decode(nvl(executions,0),0,1,executions)) avg_etime,
px_servers_executions/decode(nvl(executions,0),0,1,executions) avg_px,
decode(IO_CELL_OFFLOAD_ELIGIBLE_BYTES,0,'No','Yes') Offload,
from v$sql s
where upper(sql_text) like upper(nvl('&sql_text',sql_text))
and sql_text not like 'BEGIN :sql_text := %'
and sql_text not like '%IO_CELL_OFFLOAD_ELIGIBLE_BYTES%'
and sql_id like nvl('&sql_id',sql_id)
order by 1, 2, 3