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-- File name: offload_percent.sql
-- Purpose: Caclulate % of long running statements that were offloaded.
-- Author: Kerry Osborne
-- Usage: This scripts prompts for three values.
-- sql_text: a piece of a SQL statement like %select col1, col2 from skew%
-- The default is to return all statements.
-- min_etime: the minimum avg. elapsed time in seconds
-- This parameter allows limiting the output to long running statements.
-- The default is 0 which returns all statements.
-- min_avg_lio: the minimum avg. elapsed time in seconds
-- This parameter allows limiting the output to long running statements.
-- The default is 500,000.
-- Description:
-- This script can be used to provide a quick check on whether statements
-- are being offloaded or not on Exadata platforms.
-- It is based on the observation that the IO_CELL_OFFLOAD_ELIGIBLE_BYTES
-- column in V$SQL is only greater than 0 when a statement is executed
-- using a Smart Scan.
-- The default values will aggregate data for all statements that have an
-- avg_lio value of greater than 500,000. You can change this minimum value
-- or further limit the set of statements that will be evaluated by providing
-- a piece of SQL text, 'select%' for example, or setting a minimum avg.
-- elapsed time value.
-- See for additional information.
set pagesize 999
set lines 190
col sql_text format a70 trunc
col child format 99999
col execs format 9,999
col avg_etime format 99,999.99
col "OFFLOADED_%" format a11
col avg_px format 999
col offload for a7
offloaded+not_offloaded total, offloaded,
lpad(to_char(round(100*offloaded/ (offloaded+not_offloaded),2))||'%',11,' ') "OFFLOADED_%"
from (
select sum(decode(offload,'Yes',1,0)) offloaded,
sum(decode(offload,'No',1,0)) not_offloaded
from (
select * from (
select sql_id, child_number child, plan_hash_value plan_hash, executions execs,
decode(px_servers_executions,0,1,px_servers_executions/decode(nvl(executions,0),0,1,executions)) avg_etime,
px_servers_executions/decode(nvl(executions,0),0,1,executions) avg_px,
decode(IO_CELL_OFFLOAD_ELIGIBLE_BYTES,0,'No','Yes') Offload,
-- buffer_gets lio,
buffer_gets/decode(nvl(executions,0),0,1,executions) avg_lio,
from v$sql s
where upper(sql_text) like upper(nvl('&sql_text',sql_text))
and sql_text not like 'BEGIN :sql_text := %'
and sql_text not like '%IO_CELL_OFFLOAD_ELIGIBLE_BYTES%')
where avg_etime > nvl('&min_etime','0')
where avg_lio > nvl('&min_avg_lio','500000')