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-- File name: parms.sql
-- Purpose: Display parameters and values.
-- Author: Kerry Osborne
-- Usage: This scripts prompts for three values, all of which can be left blank.
-- name: the name (or piece of a name) of the parameter(s) you wish to see
-- isset: "TRUE" or "T" to see only nondefault parameters
-- show_hidden: "Y" to show hidden parameters as well
set lines 155
col name for a50
col value for a70
col isdefault for a8
col ismodified for a10
col isset for a10
select name, value, isdefault, ismodified, isset
select flag,name,value,isdefault,ismodified,
case when isdefault||ismodified = 'TRUEFALSE' then 'FALSE' else 'TRUE' end isset
decode(substr(i.ksppinm,1,1),'_',2,1) flag
, i.ksppinm name
, sv.ksppstvl value
, sv.ksppstdf isdefault
-- , decode(bitand(sv.ksppstvf,7),1,'MODIFIED',4,'SYSTEM_MOD','FALSE') ismodified
, decode(bitand(sv.ksppstvf,7),1,'TRUE',4,'TRUE','FALSE') ismodified
from sys.x$ksppi i
, sys.x$ksppsv sv
where i.indx = sv.indx
where name like nvl('%&parameter%',name)
and upper(isset) like upper(nvl('%&isset%',isset))
and flag not in (decode('&show_hidden','Y',3,2))
order by flag,replace(name,'_','')