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Errata for Ray Tracing Gems

Corrections for the book Ray Tracing Gems. The pages listed are for the released book itself, not for any preprints or other forms of the articles. A corrected copy of the free PDF version of the book can be found linked from

Significant Errors

Foreword, page xvii: The passage "photons travel through the is why its introduction" is missing a line between "the" and "is". The whole passage should be "There is no substitute for this capability when the goal is photorealism, where we need to determine the complicated paths along which photons travel through the virtual world. Ray tracing is a fundamental ingredient of realistic rendering, which is why its introduction to the real-time domain was such a significant step for computer graphics." (v1.2)

Chapter 3, page 32: The structure "D3D12_FEATURE_DATA_OPTIONS5" should be "D3D12_FEATURE_DATA_D3D12_OPTIONS5", with a second "D3D12" in there near the end (v1.2)

Chapter 16, page 235: The case "a == 0 && b == 0" is not handled and can result in division by 0; above line 3 add "if (b == 0) b = 1;" (v1.2)

Chapter 16, page 241: In Equation 11 change "s+1" to "s+2"; the Phong-like PDF doesn't integrate to 1 over the hemisphere if you include the projection cosine (v1.2)

Chapter 16, page 242: Line 1 of the code at the top, change "1+s" to "2+s" (v1.2)

Chapter 19, page 302: In Equation 1 the first integral is missing "d\omega_i" at the end (v1.2)

Lesser Errors

Chapter 10, page 133: While easy enough to find by searching, the URL for the first reference is (v1.2)

Chapter 12, page 154: "Dupy" to "Dupuy" (v1.2)

Sampling introduction, page 205: There is a comma before and after in: GPU,”, - remove the second comma (v1.4)

Chapter 16, page 227: "Box-Müller" to "Box-Muller", no umlaut (v1.2)

Chapter 19, page 290: "ILMxLabs" to "ILMxLAB" (v1.2)

Chapter 19, page 318: For reference [2] the names should read "Heitz, E., Dupuy, J., Hill, S., and Neubelt, D." (v1.2)

Chapter 25, page 443: "kernelfootprint" to "kernel footprint" (v1.2)

Chapter 25, page 466: Remove editorial note "// Looks good to me, and I added a comma. /Eric" (v1.3)

Thanks to Stephen Hill, Adam Marrs, Daniel Seibert, and Martin Stich for reporting these errors.

Page last updated March 25, 2019

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