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AqlaSerializer V2

It is a fast and portable binary serializer designed to be easily used on your existing code with minimal changes on a wide range of .NET platforms. With AqlaSerializer you can store objects as a small in size binary data (far smaller than xml). And it's more CPU effective than BinaryFormatter and other core .NET serializers (which could be unavailable on your target platform).

It is a free open source project in which you can participiate.

Basically this is a fork of well known protobuf-net project. Protobuf-net, as a data serializer, has issues with handling some very common .NET specific features. See also comparsion page.

AqlaSerializer is an object serializer, it's primary goal is to support important .NET features like nested collections, references, etc. And it still supports Google Protocol Buffers format in compatibility mode.

The usage is very simple; at the most basic level, simply read from a stream or write to a stream:

class Person 
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set: }

Serializer.Serialize(outputStream, person);


var person = Serializer.Deserialize<Person>(inputStream);
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