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-Webshell is, well, a web shell :). It allows command line access to a number of services including:
+Webshell is, well, a web shell :). It allows command line access to a number of services including (you can read more about them below):
* [Blekko]( - to search
* [Dropbox]( - to manage cloud storage
* [Facebook]( - for social interactions
-* [Twitter]( - for microblogging
* Simple Calculator - for simple calculations
+* [Twitter]( - for microblogging
+Webshell is still in early alpha; more functionality coming soon.
+You can see it running [here]( Try `help` to see the rules of the game. Or read more about services and commands they support below.
+Search using Blekko search engine. Supported commands:
+* `search <TERMS>` performs a given search
+* `next` and `prev` shows next and previous page with results
+* `page <N>` shows N'th page with results
+For now just allows to see the content of your Dropbox account. Supported commands:
+* `cd <DIR>` to change directory
+* `ls` to list contents of the current directory
+For now allows feed updaes with `fbstatus` command. Try:
+ fbstatus This status was set using webshell; how cool is that?
+Simple calculator
+Accepts expressions using parenthesses `()`, addition `+`, subtraction `-`, multiplication `*` and division `/`. Try:
+ 3 + (4+7)/2
-Webshell is still in early alpha. You can see it running [here](
+For now allows posting updates with `tweet` command. Try:
+ tweet This tweet comes from webshell; how cool is that?

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