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Commits on Mar 7, 2020
  1. Merge tag 'android-10.0.0_r30' of…

    MikereDD committed Mar 7, 2020
    …vice/google/crosshatch into x
    Android 10.0.0 release 30
     Changes to be committed:
    	modified:   audio_platform_info_tavil_b1.xml
    	modified:   device_framework_matrix.xml
    	modified:   dumpstate/DumpstateDevice.cpp
    	modified:   init.hardware.rc
    	modified:   manifest.xml
    	modified:   sound_trigger_mixer_paths_wcd9340.xml
    Change-Id: I3c6d974e6860e4d25de6c999486c344618cbb2bf
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